Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Life has been crazy. My grandfather passed away on Saturday night (he would have been 99 in July), and if that wasn't enough, my father ended up in the hospital that same night. Long story short--he has has an infection in his intestines--they think. As he was getting ready to go home yesterday his heart started palpitating strangely, so they made him stay. This morning they gave his heart some electric shock to get it to beat regularly. Scary. We visited him this afternoon and he is doing better, but is staying in the hospital at least until tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be out for my grandpa's funeral Friday--he's supposed to speak as he is the only son-in-law.

It's interesting to talk about death with Boo. We visited Grandma Dixon and asked Boo if she would sing, Have I Done Any Good (she is singing it as a solo at the funeral--it was Grandpa's favorite song and she has sung it for him since she was 2). She said, "But Grandpa isn't here." I asked her if she knew where he was and she said, "Heaven."

We were able to get together yesterday for Memorial Day at my brother, Craig's house. We just relaxed, prepared some pictures and songs for the funeral and the kids enjoyed just being with each other.


Carrie said...

I emailed you too...wish I could be there for the funeral. Wish I could see Boo sing there too. What a sweetie.

Maggie said...

Hey Julie,
I was sorry to read about your dad - that must be very scary. But please let him know that we are all saying prayers here for him to get better as soon as possible. your father was there to bless my son when he was born (he got sick and had to go into the nicu) and then again when my husband had his accident last year and went into the icu. I am so grateful he was there when my family needed blessings. Please let him know we wish him well.