Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nats V. Os

Senators, no team, Nationals... During the time that D.C. had no team I was a low scale O's fan. I have been to tons of games up at Camden Yards, eaten the dogs and Cracker Jacks. It was there that I discovered how you're supposed to spend a baseball game when you are 9 months pregnant--in a box, with leather chairs, crab cakes and wings. I thought I was never going to be able to sit in another stadium seat again. Fast forward a couple years...last week S. got free tickets from some partners at work and we went--third row, right along the third base line, right behind the Nat's dugout. I'm cured. I am a Nat's fan (I'm not painting my chest or anything, though), and clearly the kids are, too--with the help of a little cotton candy. During the 7th inning stretch the camera man was right by us. I thought, "Oohh, he'll see how cute Boo is and catch her." Wrong. He saw some early 20ish guys across from us and asked them to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. He didn't even see her. His loss. She knows all the words to the song and how cute would that have been?


Carrie said...

Good seats are fun huh? We had seats in the 7th row...between home and 3rd base. It was great. Didi the chilins sit for the whole game? Did they have a play area? VERY FUN! Os are great too...I haven't seen the Nats stadium, but I always loved how pretty and brick the Os was and seeing the city from inside the sadium. Nothing better I said. I conceeded a little after going to a Giants game. Right on the water of SF Bay. The stadium is one of the things I love about Baseball. How fun!

Virginialover said...

Hey there! I'm glad that you're posting pics and such. The game looked like a blast. Especially when you can sit so close. The kids are getting so big!

Jules said...

Hey, virginialover, who are you?