Sunday, March 29, 2009

Equals 52 days since my last post

8 days of watching 
7 children under age
7 (by myself--S.'s work hours were crazy.  Including Church by myself--with a little help from      a visiting teacher and the Bishop's wife)
2 one-year old birthday parties (Nay's)
1 snow day
2 choirs I directed
1 night out with my husband for Restaurant Week
1 stroke of my 100 year-old grandma
1 Valentine's day party at Boo's school (I am the room mom)
3 kids at the dentist=a CIRCUS (especially when they don't want to be there)
2 wisdom teeth out (with a possible infection--I am going to have to go back in tomorrow)
9 hours of driving in 
2 days to N.C. Mud's for Owen's blessing
2 ear-infections
2 days at Great Wolf Lodge with the fam (treating ourselves after S.'s crazy hours and my stint with the 7 kids)
2 St. Patrick's Day dinners (one by mom mud, one by me)
_________  (Equals)
52 days since my last post

**Note--these are only SOME of the activities that were in addition to the usuals--ballet, piano, Joy School, Kindergarten, my not-for-profit work (which has really picked up recently).

p.s.  Boo recently dropped our camera on the hard-wood floor, so we have to get that fixed...

p.p.s. Sorry if I haven't commented on your blogs.  I have been reading them when I get the chance.