Sunday, March 29, 2009

Equals 52 days since my last post

8 days of watching 
7 children under age
7 (by myself--S.'s work hours were crazy.  Including Church by myself--with a little help from      a visiting teacher and the Bishop's wife)
2 one-year old birthday parties (Nay's)
1 snow day
2 choirs I directed
1 night out with my husband for Restaurant Week
1 stroke of my 100 year-old grandma
1 Valentine's day party at Boo's school (I am the room mom)
3 kids at the dentist=a CIRCUS (especially when they don't want to be there)
2 wisdom teeth out (with a possible infection--I am going to have to go back in tomorrow)
9 hours of driving in 
2 days to N.C. Mud's for Owen's blessing
2 ear-infections
2 days at Great Wolf Lodge with the fam (treating ourselves after S.'s crazy hours and my stint with the 7 kids)
2 St. Patrick's Day dinners (one by mom mud, one by me)
_________  (Equals)
52 days since my last post

**Note--these are only SOME of the activities that were in addition to the usuals--ballet, piano, Joy School, Kindergarten, my not-for-profit work (which has really picked up recently).

p.s.  Boo recently dropped our camera on the hard-wood floor, so we have to get that fixed...

p.p.s. Sorry if I haven't commented on your blogs.  I have been reading them when I get the chance.  



Amanda said...

I was beginning to wonder if you had fallen off the blog planet! So glad to see you back, though it sounds like you've been really busy. We too are excited to see you guys in just a couple weeks. I can't wait for Naomi and Ethan to play together!

Vanessa said...

whoa- sounds like you've had a super busy 52 days! and you had your wisdom teeth out?? i should talk to you about that, I need to get it done, but i'm sort of chicken about the whole thing...

Tracie said...

It's about gosh darn time! I've missed you:) BUSY! WOWZA. I think you just described the contents of a whole year. Kudos to you, supermama.

Carrie said...

Welcome back lady! I've missed you! Lots of happenings...hope your mouth is all better.

Cute family trip. Cute Nay! She's looking less like her older sister and kinda a mix of her sibs to me. what about walking? is she interested yet? Kyle has no interest.

I'll be looking for you again soon. Did your lemon tarts turn out? I bet they were cute and there's no camera to document:(


Becky said...

So, I have finally found your blog again... on Laurel Butterbaugh's blog! I am now saving it.

Adorable pics, kids, life! YOU, my dear, are a busy woman!