Friday, April 24, 2009


And this is the portion of my blog called, "REALLY?" (From Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update).

We went to the park today. Little man got out of the car with 5 Thomas the Tank Engine trains unbeknownst to me.  REALLY?  We stay for 1 1/2 hours. As we are getting in the car he tells me he needs to get his trains. REALLY? He informs me he brought the 5 trains on the playground. REALLY? So when a little girl asked me if some trains were mine they REALLY were? You left them near the slide? REALLY?

We go back to search the playground. We search for 30 minutes, ask some moms if they have seen them, but no luck. REALLY? Some parent let their child STEAL someone's Thomas Trains? Because surely they aren't anyone's. REALLY? What kind of parent/Nanny would let their kid go home with 5 THOMAS TRAINS, in good condition, which clearly weren't left out in the rain we had yesterday. REALLY?!?! Are we teaching our 2 year-olds to STEAL (it was during school hours, so no big kids were even there)??!?!?!  REALLY?!?!  I mean, "Finders Keepers" at 2?  REALLY??!!?  Are you blaming your lack of honesty on the ECONOMY, too?  "If the kid has 5 Thomas trains they must be rich, they won't miss them."  

I'm going back after naps to post a "LOST" sign.  Although, I really wanted to write "STOLEN" or even "TAKEN."  Because you don't ACCIDENTALLY take FIVE THOMAS TRAINS.  

Sorry.  I just had to vent.  The corruption in this world.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My five-year-old has shown her inner beauty.  She gave away 10 inches of her hair to Locks of Love.  I remember her Aunt Amanda laughing at how little hair she had a three, and now, almost three years later she is making someone happy with curls.  I miss her beautiful, long, curly hair, but she seems just fine.  It makes me get a little teary-eyed when I realize what a great person she is. Here's the new Boo:

**The curls WILL grow back, right? RIGHT?!?!?