Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh, Yes, it's Ladies' Day

We had a Ladies' Day Out last Saturday. A few hours of delicious food (yea for Restaurant Week!!), good conversation, and a fun show. And a break from being a mom. Why does it seem that the men get these chances more often than the women? S. helps out tons, but it just seems that it's easier for him to get away with his friends--to a Redskins game, Wizards game, just to watch some random game, or even go to a movie. It seems hard for the wives to coordinate a time when their husbands are home to watch the kids. Anyone have a solution?

We saw My Fair Lady at the Kennedy Center. It was really well done--I liked the dances, loved the costumes, but it left me with an entirely different feeling than Wicked. Wicked just made you want to be a better person. Although, "Poor Professor Higgins" developed into a tolerable character, it still didn't give me that warm fuzzy feeling.

I think it will be a while before I have another Ladies' Day Out with this third one coming...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Barefoot and pregnant

Okay, here is a picture of my big belly (35 weeks and counting). I got a couple requests for it, and after looking at Lisa's, Amanda, and Brooke's blogs I figured I better join in the pregnant ladies' party.

I have often wondered about the phrase, "Barefoot and pregnant." I know why it is used now--because it is so stinkin' hard to put your shoes on. I painted my toenails the other night and almost stopped mid-painting to wait for S. to come home so he could do it for me. Only 5 or so more weeks to go and I can wear tie shoes again. Oh, and I can't wait until I can clean up my house without a big belly. I keep telling the kids they need to pick their toys up off the floor because by the end of the day my back is killing me.

After seeing my belly--any guesses on it being a boy or a girl?

Our discussion last Sunday on the way home from church:

S: Do you think the baby is a girl or a boy?

Boo: Boy!

Little Man: Girl!

S and Boo: Boy!

Me and LM: Girl! '

We seriously shouted it back and forth for a couple minutes. We'll see who's right soon enough...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy New Year--LATE

Thought I'd post a couple pictures from our New Year's celebration at my bro's house (Our camera's battery died, so we don't have any good ones). We have started a tradition where we celebrate "New Year's in (insert country)" to help us get the kids to bed earlier. Somehow we still end up celebrating at 12:00 our time (the kids miraculously hold it together, too. It's like it's 6:00 pm). But, it's a fun excuse to cook different cuisines anyway.

2006: New Year's in Paris: Crepes, pate, etc.
2007: New Year's in Italy: Chicken Parmesan, Pasta, bread, proliferoles, etc.
2008: New Year's in Greece (the Mediterranean): Kabobs, hummus, pitas, etc.