Monday, August 18, 2008

George's Crib and other exciting places

We've been doing lots of weekend jaunts with S.'s sis, Mary, her talented husband, Josh and beautiful baby, Stella, Mom and Dad Mud, and Uncle Jacob (S.'s bro. who is loving the summer off from BYU to grow his beard).  

We visited Mt. Vernon.  They have added TONS of new films and exhibits.  The kids had a great time.  

Turned the 4 1/2 hour drive to Chapel Hill into 7 hours to visit the N.C. Muds (more to come on that).

Went to Luray Caverns after showing up at the Route 11 Chip Factory (DO NOT try the Mama Zuma's Revenge chips--serious steam coming from ears) only to find it to have moved.  Turns out we made a fabulous mistake and were able to see a part of the Caverns that is only open one day a year!  It was also the Cavern's 130th anniversary so they had candles lit throughout the cave.  

And of course, what is a summer without going to the National Zoo?  

Truth be told: There is never a dull moment with the Muds and we do things on a whim!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Utah 1

I have to catch up in my posts.  We're doing too many fun things and I am getting too far behind. I need some pictures from my sis for a lot of the activities, but I thought I better start...

The Atk Family Reunion in Utah was busy, busy, busy.  Some highlights:

+  100 birthday party for my Grandma who flew in for the occasion from D.C.  (Her real b-day        is Oct. 30) 
+Family pictures
+Lunch with Lisa--longtime friend that used to live with us!
+Dinner w/ Gardners.  Man, I miss C-ville friends!
+Extended Atk Family Reunion
+Rock Band, Sing Star, Dance Dance Revolution
+Rafting on the Provo River
+Granny's Drive In Milkshakes
+Park City--Alpine Slide, Coaster and Zip Wire
+Tour of BYU (Man, that has changed!  May I please go to college again?)
+S. went w/ my bro, Steve, and Bro-in-law to grand opening of Soccer Stadium
+Tour of Conference Center in SLC by my Aunt and Uncle
+VA reunion party (Nay checking out her future prospects)!!!
+Seeing my beautiful roommate, Tracie!!  Staying at her parent's house in Park City (Umm, Michael Jordan's anyone?)
+Dinner with Jaime (so sad she moved from VA)
+Hanging with Gma and Gpa Bruford and their amazing house

Drawbacks from the trip:
+Getting my stinking first ticket in HEBER!  
+About 1/2 the family getting sick w/ a 24-hour virus 

More pics to come of the VA reunion...