Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Boo

We had a musical birthday back in June. Seven-year-old Boo decided on a musical theme (very fitting for such a musical girl).

Design homemade tambourines
Play musical pictionary
Decorate piano and musical note cookies
Make necklaces with musical notes
Learn the macarena and dance with tamourines
Play "Pin the Note on the Staff"
Make jingle bell bracelets/hairbands
Eat pizza
Eat piano cake and ice cream

Hanging notes
Black tablecloth
Backstage entrance sign on front door
Hanging black curtains they had to walk through

CD with Boo's favorite songs
Musical silly bands
Fingernail polish
Pack of gum
Ring pop

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

May 1st-July 4th

Where have you been?!?! I've been here the whole time. We had a new addition born a week late, and now she is 2 months! Man, time flies. I will write down the birth story so I can remember and fill in the blanks in between then and now. But, for your viewing pleasure here is the cute little baby girl who has stolen all FIVE of our hearts! Happy Fourth!!

Baby pic by the amazing Reb