Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Coolest Parents on the Block

Here's why we are the coolest parents on the block:

1. We have a HUGE moonbounce with a slide in our LIVING ROOM (This SAVED us during the blizzard)!! I leave it deflated and the kids go turn it on when they want to bounce. It takes 2 minutes to inflate. It is used every day!

2. We took our kids to the Big Apple Circus for getting good grades/reports from their teachers.

Sure, we only let them play 30 minutes on the wii a day, and they only watch TV on Movie Night (Friday) (with an occasional Little Einsteins or Magic School Bus during the week). They don't use the words "Mean" or "Hate." Man, they are some good kids. Rules are important, and fun is, too!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Guess Who is Two!?!?!

Please excuse the pizza sauce on her face.

I love how happy her brother and sister are when they are with her.

Nay celebrated her 2nd birthday! We had a last minute birthday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa A's house after piano lessons. Some of the cousins were there (other local cousins were off tubing in West VA), Aunts and Uncles, and both sets of Gparents. I made the Elmo cake that has been made for every child's 2nd birthday.

Some things we love about Nay:

She is hilarious. Seriously. She has personality.
She sings (including the instrumental parts on songs).
She dances--she goes into Boo's ballet/tap class and pretends she is one of the 6-8 year olds.
She laughs. A lot.
She puts on her own shoes.
She picks out her own outfits (okay, this can actually drive me crazy. Especially with 9:00 church)
She is a good hugger.
She is a good tackler.
She is an awesome snuggler (the other kids were not at this age).
She loves to dress up.
She loves her brother and sister.
We are so glad she is part of our family!