Sunday, November 23, 2008

100 Years Young

Grandma is 100!!

Some highlights from the Bash:

*My cousin (she was Police Chief of Arlington) contacted Gma's old student (she taught at Washington and Lee), Warren Beatty and he sent her a picture and a note.
*DVD of photos of her life by my sis, Mary
*Delicious food
*Crossword puzzle about her
*Boo singing "My Favorite things" (she only practiced for 2 days before!!)

Gma always taught me when you celebrate birthdays in your aging years you just switch the numbers: i.e. 63=36, 93=39. You can't do that with 100 so, Grandma, you're going to have to accept that you've made it to a century!

Hopefully some day I can be the type of anchor she is to my own family.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Why I love my kids Reason #157

Because when they see a cool toy they say, "I think I might like that." Instead of, "I want that! I want that!" in a loud, whiny voice like a little girl I took recently to Target.

And I think I might like these:

I really want to do the crazy colored tights-look. I think yellow or blue would work with this dress (above)...

Sad thing is, I'm sure the calf-size is too big for me. Why do they not make knee-high boots for skinny-legs?!?!?!

I love me some Anthro.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Recycling costumes:

Little Man=Flying Monkey: Homemade, hand-me down monkey costume from my sis-in-law, + Boo wore it three years ago, +fairy wings from Boo's 4 year-old b-day party, + red vest from Oakton Stake's Gifts of the Heart=Free

Boo=Dorothy: Dress from Consignment shop in Reston (S.'s childhood friend's mom's) Wig=free. hahaha. One of Boo's friends asked if she was wearing a wig!

Nay=Lion:okay, okay, so I was going to make her lion costume, but got too busy so I bought one for $9 at Kmart.

Me=Glinda: My mom's prom dress circa 1962. Boo's crown from cousin's Libby Lu party 2 years ago.

S=Scarecrow: Jeans, plus old shirt+old plaid material and raffia.

Maybe I'll recycle the candy for next year's Halloween.

Halloween events:

Church Trunk or Treat


Trick or Treating the night of Halloween+Charlie Brown (so don't like it for my kids' ages. Too many "stupids.")

Jack 'o Lanterns designed by the kids.