Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Recycling costumes:

Little Man=Flying Monkey: Homemade, hand-me down monkey costume from my sis-in-law, + Boo wore it three years ago, +fairy wings from Boo's 4 year-old b-day party, + red vest from Oakton Stake's Gifts of the Heart=Free

Boo=Dorothy: Dress from Consignment shop in Reston (S.'s childhood friend's mom's) Wig=free. hahaha. One of Boo's friends asked if she was wearing a wig!

Nay=Lion:okay, okay, so I was going to make her lion costume, but got too busy so I bought one for $9 at Kmart.

Me=Glinda: My mom's prom dress circa 1962. Boo's crown from cousin's Libby Lu party 2 years ago.

S=Scarecrow: Jeans, plus old shirt+old plaid material and raffia.

Maybe I'll recycle the candy for next year's Halloween.

Halloween events:

Church Trunk or Treat


Trick or Treating the night of Halloween+Charlie Brown (so don't like it for my kids' ages. Too many "stupids.")

Jack 'o Lanterns designed by the kids.


Carrie said...

Welcome BACK!

#1 - I LOVE coordinating costumes! Great job on putting the whole fam together...I LOVE GLENDA - NICE touch!

#2 - Isn't it ridiculous how they put lame words like stupid or dumb or hate, etc. in children's movies? Why not just make squeaky clean movies if you are gearing towards young and innocent minds! argh. Though I've never really sat through a Charlie Brown special...scott thought that was really wierd:)

henryteachers said...

You all look great! Way to go--all that for only $9! I love the wizard of oz theme.

Sarah said...

Julie-Your kids are such characters, I love little man's expressions. Makes me laugh :)

P.s.I'm trying to kid cheap tickets to see Wicked, playing here in Minneapolis. No luck yet...regular tickets are around $150, woa!

Lisa Fox said...

Great costumes you guys. I am a big fan of recycling and borrowing or worth it. I totally agree about charlie brown, crazy how bad they are....and supposed to be for little kids. uh huh.

Tracie said...

Hi Jules:)

Your kids are so cute, man. And you are such a champ to dress yourself up like a pretty princess beauty queen (I think its a good fit...not so much the personality, as the looks:) Anyways, it looks like a blast of a Halloween. Good for you, supermom!

Jodi said...

Looks like fun! Never realized Charlie Brown had fowl language. Guess I'll have to go back and re-watch.:)

Nicole said...

I love that Lizzie and Boo are such great friends :)