Friday, February 22, 2008

No, STILL no baby.

Ugggghhhh. I am officially past BOTH due dates and the end is no where is sight. I dread answering the phone--do people seriously think it's funny to tease someone who is OVER 40 weeks pregnant about still being there? Especially when they have been having contractions that haven't GONE anywhere?

I have decided to get on with life and pretend that I am still only 35 weeks pregnant. It just makes it easier. S. is going to make a sticker for me for Sunday that says, "Yes, I'm still here. I am ____ days overdue." Then maybe I won't end up in tears by the end of church.

I have to say thanks to S. for helping out with the kids a lot lately and for taking me out to restaurants to eat spicy food (no luck there).

Maybe this baby doesn't want to come because we haven't decided on a name yet. By the way--the poll is closed because it's past my due date. Girl won--S. cheated and voted 2 or 3 times for boy. We can't wait to see!!

BTW--I love how the babystrology ticker doesn't know what to do when you go over your due date. If you click on it it says I still have a week and three days to go, and then it also says I have three days to go.

Monday, February 11, 2008


S. showed this to me and it is hilarious.  207 people froze for 5 minutes in Grand Central Station. You HAVE to see it!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Super Friday

Here's a place to vote no matter if you're Democrat, Independent or Republican. Since it doesn't matter if I vote or not on Tuesday because of a certain someone dropping out of the race and Republicans are only left with the Lollipop Guild member and Huckleberry, I figured I would have my own sort of poll.

VOTE ON THE SEX OF THE BABY ---------------->

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ugly Phase

Last week in Seminary I taught about when the Israelites wanted a king in 1 Samuel because "everyone else was doing it." As an introduction to it we discussed fads and fashions over the past twenty years or so. I talked about things that were cool when I was in elementary-high school: peg jeans, SIKE, LYLAS, and big glasses. I let down my pride and showed some HIDEOUS pictures of myself. When I told S. my lesson plan the night before I told him I needed some pictures of him, but then I remembered...he didn't have an ugly stage. How is that fair? How could I have married someone who went through such an easy adolescent period where even girls 5+ years older than him thought he was so attractive (I'm talking he was 12, and they were 17). So, just know that while the rest of the world (or maybe just me) was struggling with big bangs, pegged jeans, huge glasses, and terrible clothes, there was S, just looking cute.

In honor of his recent birthday, I will show you some pictures from his youth. But seriously, I couldn't find a single embarrassing one. What child of the 80s doesn't have an ugly stage? And is it just me or do kids not even go through an ugly stage these days?

Happy Birthday, Funny Man. Thanks for working so hard, making me laugh, playing with the kids, and being so dang handsome.