Sunday, September 28, 2008

Awww Man...poop, again!

It is the beginning...

Nay has started solids. She wasn't so sure what she thought of them at first, but after the kids fed her she is starting to dig them. Surprisingly, peas are her favorite.

ps--Thank you Care, for the fabulous HOMEMADE bib!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer Wrap-up

Swimming Lessons with Aunt Mary (Daddy's Aunt Mary--that is how we distinguish between my sister, Mary and S.'s sister Mary).
Thank you! Thank you! The kids had a great time and we loved having an excuse to visit Gma/pa, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Josh, Uncle Jacob,and baby Stella.

Crab Fest at the Mud's. I think Joshua enjoyed it the most.

Labor Day at Lake Anna.
We thought, "a nice day at the Nuclear Lake (it is PERFECT temp and there is a nuclear power plant nearby--coincidence?), relaxing (even without S.--he had to work--Boo)." So, we're enjoying a nice ride, wind blowing our hair, when we hear a weird sound (water gasket broke, I think) we head for the shore, and then the boat dies. Seriously. There we are, middle of the lake, 7 kids, 5 adults and the hot, hot sun. We flagged down some help and it happened to be some novice boaters with 6 month-old twins. Doh. They started to tow us in, and the rope broke. Meanwhile, the boat is smoking (it's coming in from every crevice), I am making the kids breath into towels so they don't get high. Plan B: We transfer those 7 kids and 3 lovely ladies to the other boat. They take us to shore and go back for the boat and the men. We decide to go to the beach of the lake while Craig and Uncle P. get the boat out of the water and into the shop. The kids ended up having a great time playing in the sand and water.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Not that Easy

Nay blowing raspberries--it is one of her many talents.

Being Green...That's right, we went to the Jim Henson exhibit downtown today. They had some funny old commercials he made that the kids thought were hilarious. Something about using the product or I will blow you up. Little Man hogged the Elmo puppet and loved watching himself perform the puppet show on the t.v. My favorite part was when a kid was in front of the television and Little Man used the Elmo puppet to relay the message that he could no longer see himself.

We played the role of cool parents and let the kids ride the carousel afterwards and then grabbed dinner at a Creperie in Georgetown. Nay had her first ride on the carousel and growled the whole time. I think that meant that she liked it. I have a lot more to post about, but I had to post pictures of Nay. EVERYWHERE we went people would comment on how cute she was. A man from Japan kept taking pictures of her. I don't know if he was taking them because she is chunky, or just because she is so dang cute, but a little weird, in my book, to take pictures of a stranger baby. And some homeless men in Georgetown went off about what cute kids S. had, and then added that his wife wasn't too bad, either.

Can I just say that this 3rd child is AMAZING?!?! She was perfect all day. Wait, she's perfect every day. I look at these pictures and actually miss her even though she is just sleeping in her crib upstairs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back in Time

Meadowlark Gardens

Lunch and pool fun at Gma V.'s

Kyle and Nay

Now that things are "slowing down" (um--Kindergarten, Joy School, Soccer, Ballet, Playgroups...) I thought I'd catch up on some Summer activities I never posted about.

One of my BFF's yearly visit, or maybe I should say Boo's top pick for her future husband, and Nay's new prospect...

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Nay 4 months and Stella 2 1/2 months

Nay about 5 1/2 months Stella 4 months

Nay is in withdrawals from her favorite girl cousin, Stella. She misses sucking on her feet. She wanted me to post these pictures to help her remember the good times they had together--sharing the bottle, screaming together, and causing all sorts of trouble. Nay is excited to be roommates with her at BYU in 18 years.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Day of School

I love how little man is standing behind her.

Dread. Mixed with a teeny bit of excitement. That is what I felt on Labor Day. It's what I felt every Labor Day for years of my life. The realization that Summer was over and the school year was beginning. Now, for the next 18+ years I am going to be subject to the public school year. Ugh. No more fun vacations mid-September (Remember how we went to Disney World last year at this time?), no more late nights during the week.

Full day Kindergarten is in full swing. Boo went cold-turkey on her naps (although she still had one today since it's Saturday). The night before school started she asked what we were doing the day after Tuesday and I told her, "School." "And the day after?" "School." I guess I hadn't told her that school was EVERY day.

S. walked her in as I ran home to get her lunch I forgot. Hopefully that is the first and last time. I am still scarred for the times I forgot my lunch.

The only tears shed were those from the mom.