Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Day of School

I love how little man is standing behind her.

Dread. Mixed with a teeny bit of excitement. That is what I felt on Labor Day. It's what I felt every Labor Day for years of my life. The realization that Summer was over and the school year was beginning. Now, for the next 18+ years I am going to be subject to the public school year. Ugh. No more fun vacations mid-September (Remember how we went to Disney World last year at this time?), no more late nights during the week.

Full day Kindergarten is in full swing. Boo went cold-turkey on her naps (although she still had one today since it's Saturday). The night before school started she asked what we were doing the day after Tuesday and I told her, "School." "And the day after?" "School." I guess I hadn't told her that school was EVERY day.

S. walked her in as I ran home to get her lunch I forgot. Hopefully that is the first and last time. I am still scarred for the times I forgot my lunch.

The only tears shed were those from the mom.


DadM said...

Memories of Dan, Sam, and Ben, who were of similar ages in this same situation. Pat recalls we had to pry Sam off the school bus stairs when he tried to follow Dan the first day of kindergarten.

Carrie said...

What a cute school girl!

Don't you hate the new being subject to their schedule idea?

Now that we are in a grove with school, I'm really liking the routine of it all - butRyan is in half day. Speaking of, I'm curious to know how they break up their day...maybe let me know when you find out:)

nessa said...

i know, yikes, right!? Gracie started kinder, too. Don't you feel like we just had these kids!? And I know exactly what you mean about the school schedule. someone invited me to go with her to children's museum tomorrow, and i excitedly accepted... and then un-accepted. Gracie's school schedule wouldn't allow for a trip to denver and back before she needs dropped off at school.
But I think the structure of it all will be good for us once we get used to it!

Lisa Fox said...

Wow i can't believe Bella is already in school. I can still picture her when we first started law school. Get ready for the fun new language they learn from school, and all the fun talks about the new language from school. ahhh, public school! oh and the vacation thing, i know tons of people that still take vacations in the middle of the school year...i mean come on are they really going to suffer from missing a couple days of macaron art :)