Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Not that Easy

Nay blowing raspberries--it is one of her many talents.

Being Green...That's right, we went to the Jim Henson exhibit downtown today. They had some funny old commercials he made that the kids thought were hilarious. Something about using the product or I will blow you up. Little Man hogged the Elmo puppet and loved watching himself perform the puppet show on the t.v. My favorite part was when a kid was in front of the television and Little Man used the Elmo puppet to relay the message that he could no longer see himself.

We played the role of cool parents and let the kids ride the carousel afterwards and then grabbed dinner at a Creperie in Georgetown. Nay had her first ride on the carousel and growled the whole time. I think that meant that she liked it. I have a lot more to post about, but I had to post pictures of Nay. EVERYWHERE we went people would comment on how cute she was. A man from Japan kept taking pictures of her. I don't know if he was taking them because she is chunky, or just because she is so dang cute, but a little weird, in my book, to take pictures of a stranger baby. And some homeless men in Georgetown went off about what cute kids S. had, and then added that his wife wasn't too bad, either.

Can I just say that this 3rd child is AMAZING?!?! She was perfect all day. Wait, she's perfect every day. I look at these pictures and actually miss her even though she is just sleeping in her crib upstairs.


ChrisnDave said...

Dude, I totally know what you're talking about - try going to Jordan/Greece/Turkey with a blond haired blue eyed baby - we had paparazzi following us the whole time! It came in handy for brief moments of babysitting, though!

ChrisnDave said...

Oh, and even though your husband and mom will always tell you you're beautiful, its always nice to have a complete stranger mention it too, huh! I had a model scout give me her card the other day, which used to be a relatively regular occurrence but not so much since the dreadlocks - ha ha!

Carrie said...

Aren't family days the best? We had a perfect Saturday. I almost posted about it...but haven't gotten around to it.

Love Little Nay! Love the raspberries. Where do you get the cute head bandana type things? How are they made? Since I now have TWO neices on the way, thought it might be a cute thing to make them.

p.s. Merrill stuff was a surprise...but totally fine. Scott loves/d the history of Merrill and started his career there and loves it, so he was annoyed, but as for his job - that's what BofA wanted - the "thundering herd" of Financial Advisors. That part of Merrill Lynch is awesome and hasn't been tainted by the sub-prime it's annoying that the previous CEO made such bad invenstments which has unfortunately dragged the name through the mess.

Sorry for the novel. Can't find my phone with your number in it!