Sunday, September 7, 2008


Nay 4 months and Stella 2 1/2 months

Nay about 5 1/2 months Stella 4 months

Nay is in withdrawals from her favorite girl cousin, Stella. She misses sucking on her feet. She wanted me to post these pictures to help her remember the good times they had together--sharing the bottle, screaming together, and causing all sorts of trouble. Nay is excited to be roommates with her at BYU in 18 years.


Amanda said...

And Ethan is excited to have some girl cousins to introduce him to some of their lady friends... just kidding. Ethan isn't allowed to date until after his mission.

From pictures it looks like Ethan is catching up to Stella in size. At least they look like they've got the same double chin.

mary said...

aawww. those pictures make me happy and sad at the same time. we miss you guys!

Tammi said...

Jules, your pics are o cute! Good for you for not slacking on your blog updates during the busy summer (I've done ONE in the last 3 months)...Looks like you had a fun summer and now Boo is in ALL DAY Kindergarten??? Is that rough for you (and her)? It's always bittersweet to have the summer end--my girls REALLY needed time apart, but now it seems like Madie's hardly home...I do miss the days of preschool only every other day and always being able to ditch to do something really worthwhile! Lil' Man is such an Atkinson--i love it! And Naomi looks a lot like her big sis! SOOOO cute!