Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bet Your Bottom Dollar

For our family Back-to-School Dinner my sis, Jeannie was in charge. Her theme was "Practice Your Talents." We had Mexican food and the kids did a little talent show followed by a fashion show of their new school clothes. Here is Nay's rendition of Annie's "Tomorrow." She actually knows the whole thing, but was slightly distracted and wanted to sing the Beatles at first. She's hilarious.

Little Man and Boo

Little Man--

Had a mini-golf + McD's birthday, had an awesome season of soccer, and caught a big fish.

Boo--Ate a turkey leg, rode a donkey and went to Cox Farm

The last few months

You know how you get so behind, that you figure instead of catching up you'll just not do it at all? Like with a journal?
I'll try and do a brief synopsis of the last couple months...

Le Le--took her first plane ride, can't sit in any sort of baby chair/swing or she can flip out of it, is super cute and smiley. Seriously. Best. Baby. Ever.

Nay ate Fried Macaroni and Cheese on a stick at the Renaissance Festival, started ballet and a co-op preschool.