Friday, October 24, 2008

I don't think so

Recently Boo told me she likes school days better than Saturday and Sunday. WHAT?!?!?! I asked her why and her reply was that "We do more fun stuff."

I'll show her.

I took her out of school last Friday after her only being there for 1 hour. We went to Cox Farm with Gma/pa Mud and cousins. That will teach her to say I'm not fun.

Saturday we went to Fall Days at Mt. Vernon. Have you ever tried roasted apples (over a fire--like s'mores)? Delicious.

And leave it up to Uncle S. to use all of our Annie's Honey Bunny's to bring the seagulls to the back of the boat.

Little Man and his cousin, Noah looked like fraternal twins running around. And "No, they're not all mine."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

C-ville Mini Reunion

The Brintons came to town which gave us all an excuse to get together. We opted for a picnic by the WWII memorial instead of causing a scene at a restaurant with 7 children and 1 pregnant mama (not me). It was so fun to catch up and for the kids to be reunited. Two and a half babies have been born in those 2 years since we left. We ain't slow.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shabby Apple Code

So, I hosted a Shabby Apple party tonight. Good food, good friends, a couple of flaky friends, who RSVP'd and didn't come (Looks like I'm picking up some of Emily Post's Etiquette books for Christmas presents...), but so it goes. The last ones to leave the party got to take the leftovers (mmmm, Chicken Empanadas with Corn Salsa and Cilantro-Avocado Sauce, Mini Apple Crostatas, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Lemon Curd-stuffed Strawberries, Black-bottom Cupcakes).

If any of you too far away to come want to get a dress (or a dress for a baby girl), shoes (the green bow ones are mine. Dude, I totally found the same ones at Anthropologie for $32 more!) use this coupon code for free shipping for three days (the 19th, I think is the last day).

CODE: MudrickNeedsDress

ps--email me if you do purchase something.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

To go or not to go

To the E.R.--that is the question.

Luke was at a friend's house, tripped and cut his eyelid open on their coffee table. After consulting with Dr. Moms I didn't take him to the E.R. We put a butterfly stitch on and I found some steri-strips from when he busted his other eye-lid open 2 years ago on Gma/pa Mud's rocking chair. When we got home he told me he couldn't shut his eye to pray because he had a band-aid on it. Just an excuse? I think so.

Oh well, Chicks dig scars, right?

Well, fast forward a week and two days. I had a fabulous birthday (later post on that). I was getting ready to go to my first PTA meeting, I put Nay down on her play mat and go into the kitchen (20 feet away) to start getting dinner ready. I hear a weird cough-cough, run in and she is fine. I look at her head and something is missing.

I question Little Man, "Did you take her barrette out?"
"Did you see her barrette fall out of her hair, did she put it in her mouth?"

I look around, but of course the floor is clean. Meanwhile, Nay is just laughing and acting completely normal. I called S.

"I'm 99% sure your daughter just swallowed a barrette."

I called the pediatrician and they told me since it was metal I needed to take her to the E.R.

I called S. and told him I had to go to the E.R.

"Do you want me to come home?"

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Do I want to go to the E.R. with three children at 6:30pm on a Friday night, a hospital that I have to travel on 66 West, again... ON A FRIDAY NIGHT?!

So, he headed home and my mom came over to watch the kids till he got home.

After hanging in the E.R. for 3 hours...
Diagonsis: A barrette in her stomach.
Dig through poop.
Find barrette.
If it doesn't come out in 72 hours? Call.

Success. It was found just under 45 hours later. The kids thought it was pretty funny.

On the Things to Do List: Put away ANYTHING smaller than a toilet paper roll.

Oh, and I guess I will have to deal with people calling my baby girl "He" for a little longer. (The nurse in the E.R. was taking us back to take the x-ray and she kept saying how cute "He" was. Finally she looked down at the chart and saw it was a girl--purple and flowers didn't give it away) and apologized. I wanted to say, "Lady, it's because of people like you that got us in this mess in the first place!" Okay, not really, but COME ON!

A boy? Really (say it like Jason Bateman does on Arrested Development)?

See how small it was?!?! If I hadn't been a "good" mom it could have just passed and I would be $100 richer (stinking E.R. copay!).

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to a Rockstar

The Little Man has turned 3.
B-day consisted of:
Diego cupcakes
Saving Baby Jaguar
Jumping over snakes
Eating salmon-shaped PBJ sandwiches
Joy School Friends
Monkey Bread for breakfast
Gma Mud coming over to bring his one request for his present--Diego car
Potbelly's (I have done something right--he chose Potbelly's over McDs)

It was a fabulous day and he was so proud to finally be turning 3 (all of his friends already are--ahh, the life of a fall birthday. I could do a whole post on that). As we walked out of the Patriot Center I chanted, "Whose birthday, whose birthday?" He'd yell, "Mine!" Then I'd yell, "Who's 3? Who's 3? And he'd yell, "Me! Me!" He was so happy. And can I just mention CARS on ice is awesome?

A daily occurrence:

Me: Little Man, I love you.

Little Man: I know.

I'm so glad he knows. He has such spunk. He is so loving, funny, smart (he is already sounding out some words), athletic, and a great helper. I love watching him learn and grow.

ps--his sweatshirt reminds me of his Uncle Jesse