Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to a Rockstar

The Little Man has turned 3.
B-day consisted of:
Diego cupcakes
Saving Baby Jaguar
Jumping over snakes
Eating salmon-shaped PBJ sandwiches
Joy School Friends
Monkey Bread for breakfast
Gma Mud coming over to bring his one request for his present--Diego car
Potbelly's (I have done something right--he chose Potbelly's over McDs)

It was a fabulous day and he was so proud to finally be turning 3 (all of his friends already are--ahh, the life of a fall birthday. I could do a whole post on that). As we walked out of the Patriot Center I chanted, "Whose birthday, whose birthday?" He'd yell, "Mine!" Then I'd yell, "Who's 3? Who's 3? And he'd yell, "Me! Me!" He was so happy. And can I just mention CARS on ice is awesome?

A daily occurrence:

Me: Little Man, I love you.

Little Man: I know.

I'm so glad he knows. He has such spunk. He is so loving, funny, smart (he is already sounding out some words), athletic, and a great helper. I love watching him learn and grow.

ps--his sweatshirt reminds me of his Uncle Jesse


Tennille said...

What a great birthday celebration! What happened to his eyebrow?

Carrie said...

Yea, looks like surgical tape? I wanted to know too!!!

What a super duper fun day!

I love birthdays. Isn't is great seeing your children get bigger and smarter?

Amanda said...

It seems like just yesterday that Ben and I went to visit you right after you had him. Time flies WAY too fast! He's such a cute kid, and I'm glad you guys had fun on his birthday. Ben loves his sweatshirt by the way.

Lisa said...

happy belated birthday jules! how does 31 feel? happy disney on ice little man. i love that. i'm thoroughly impressed by anyone that can gracefully ice-skate, but doing it with ginormous costumes on--wow.