Monday, November 17, 2008

Why I love my kids Reason #157

Because when they see a cool toy they say, "I think I might like that." Instead of, "I want that! I want that!" in a loud, whiny voice like a little girl I took recently to Target.

And I think I might like these:

I really want to do the crazy colored tights-look. I think yellow or blue would work with this dress (above)...

Sad thing is, I'm sure the calf-size is too big for me. Why do they not make knee-high boots for skinny-legs?!?!?!

I love me some Anthro.


Tammi said...

yeah, jules, you could probably fit BOTH your little twigs in those boots! Oh, I guess you could have worse problems...

Amanda said...

One day your children will teach their cousins to act like them. Not that Ethan can speak or anything, but I can just envision him throwing a fit for some Legos in the future.

Looks like you need to beef up your calves. How does one go about doing something like that?!?

We can't wait to see you guys this week!!! Get excited!