Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Coolest Parents on the Block

Here's why we are the coolest parents on the block:

1. We have a HUGE moonbounce with a slide in our LIVING ROOM (This SAVED us during the blizzard)!! I leave it deflated and the kids go turn it on when they want to bounce. It takes 2 minutes to inflate. It is used every day!

2. We took our kids to the Big Apple Circus for getting good grades/reports from their teachers.

Sure, we only let them play 30 minutes on the wii a day, and they only watch TV on Movie Night (Friday) (with an occasional Little Einsteins or Magic School Bus during the week). They don't use the words "Mean" or "Hate." Man, they are some good kids. Rules are important, and fun is, too!


Tracie said...

OK OK I am sensing some hypocrisy here.

I seem to remember you using the word MAN quite often in college.

OH, I see it now, you are just being Jules, and saying....Man, they are some good kids.

Ha! Funny!

We have a trampoline in the middle of our living room. Not quite so BIG, though:)

Carrie said...

That moon bounce is hilarious! Very fun!

Karena said...

All right- you win! You can host Jonah's birthday party this year.