Sunday, May 27, 2007

Old School

Friday night I went back in time. I entered the halls of my old high school to see the show choir that I used to be in, Touch of Class. I went with one of my best friends growing up (I'm talking sleepovers, tping--the type of friend who helped in shaping who you are today). We missed going to the 20th anniversary show last year, but somehow made it this year.

It was interesting to be thrown back into that time when you think only of yourself--when the world revolves around you--you and the boy (or boys), you have a crush on, and the friends you have such drama with. You think, "I'm always going to k.i.t. (check your yearbooks for that one) with all my friends. They are EVERYTHING!" Within about a year, you get involved with your new circle of friends at college and soon the e-mails from those old friends get fewer and fewer (umm, not to age me, or anything, but e-mail was relatively new when I started college). Ten years later, and you remember how much those friends meant to you during such malleable times in your life and you scramble to find their addresses, phone numbers or e-mails. I skipped my ten-year reunion, but was able to get back in touch with some friends that I lost contact with when I went across the country to college. I've loved hearing about their lives and how they are making a difference in the world.

Me and Kelly as freshmen in high school

Me (mother of two) and Kelly (pregnant with first!) fourteen years later.


henryteachers said...

You haven't aged at all Julie! I'll have to show this post to Greg. He convinced me to go to a Jazz and Pizazz concert 2 years ago with him before we moved from VA. What a fun time of your lives it was then!

Sam said...

That is not me in the first picture.

Carrie said...

Hey! I think of Jazz and Pizazz often around this time of year! Surely no other High School has a performance so talented and fun to watch! Was it as good as back in the day? I bet there was probably tons of alumni at the 20 year one...too bad timing was off on that. Love ya! Loved watching you in Jazz and Pizazz!