Sunday, May 27, 2007


Right: Ivy, in
Rule of Four
it burned down.

We went Saturday with Mom and Dad M. to pick up S.'s youngest bro from Princeton. What an amazing campus. The architecture is beautiful and puts my alma mater to shame. I told Boo that she can do graduate work at Princeton, but if she really wants to go undergrad there she has to pay herself.

One thing that was different from my college experience: YOU DON'T HAVE TO CLEAN YOUR ROOM WHEN YOU MOVE OUT! WHAT?!??! I remember SCRUBBING my apartments. These smart, rich kids get it all. What are they, royalty?

We went to Nassau Sushi for lunch where my refined children ate sushi for the first time. However, they preferred the dumplings. Then we went to The Little Chef Pastry Shop--a must hit. We roamed the campus, bought Little Man a hat and snapped a few pictures.

Bottom: a
preview of
Little Man in
16 years.


Carrie said...

WHAT? You don't LOVE the architecture of the WILK or the old SFLC? Surely the HFAC is a performing arts beauty of a building. Yes, I jest. I never understood why when they started renovating and building new additions...specifically the new WILK - why didn't they make them more classic? Why so new age looking? Despite their building styles, my heart still skips a beat when I walk onto campus. I LOVE that place! I love your shirt.

Ben said...

Great pictures. We wish we could've gone too.

I do think that Luke is starting to look a little like Donald Trump with that comb-over. I do LOVE the Beatles shirt though.