Monday, June 4, 2007

In Memory of

My Grandpa's funeral was on Friday. Lots of emotions. One of the things that I know made him smile was Boo singing a solo of Have I Done Any Good. She was so great. She stood up at that microphone and her voice came out loud and clear, perfect pitch, and she articulated those words.

The words of this song describe his life so well:

Bella song 4 Gpa-10.mp3

Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad, or made someone feel glad, if not, I have failed indeed. Has anyone's burdens been lighter today? Because I was willing to share? Have the sick and the weary, been helped on their way? When they needed my help was I there? Then wake up, and do something more, than dream of your mansions above. Doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure, a blessing of duty and love.

10 things I have learned from my grandfather (in no particular order):
1. Save, save, save (20% of your paycheck)
2. Serve others
3. Work hard
4. Follow the example of Jesus Christ
5. Family is important
6. Be educated
7. Be healthy (he was 98 and still exercising after his stroke in 1995)
8. Develop your talents
9. Be kind and friendly to everyone
10. Become self-reliant

He's an amazing man. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I will see him again. I know that he is running and jumping and enjoying being with his loved ones that have gone before, including his wife, Maude.

Here is an interesting story: My grandma, Maude (Grandpa D.'s wife) passed away when my mom was 12 of a heart condition. A year later, grandpa married her sister, Mabel (Maude basically asked him to before she died). Mabel helped raise my mom and uncle and cared for my grandpa by herself after his stroke in 1995. She is 98 as well. Can you imagine living alone at that age, let alone taking care of someone who is basically like a big kid? I have so much to learn.


Carrie said...

What a great post. I was sad I couldn't be there at the funeral. He did always make me feel special. Ryan and I just listened to her sing and afterwards, Ryan said, "Mom, that was a beautiful song!"

TWilton said...

Ahhhhhh, Jules. That was so precious. How self-assured is your little one!! She seems to have inherited your self-esteem, which was something I ALWAYS admired.

Dad M said...

Thanks for sharing your grandpa with us, Julie. I'm sorry I didn't meet him before his stroke, but I think I get a pretty good idea of what he was like by knowing you and your family. Bella was wonderful.

Amanda said...

What a great way to remember your grandpa then to have Bella sing. I've heard her sing that song before, but she really did an amazing job. I can only imagine the impact that song had at the funeral. I wish we had her in our primary here in Charlottesville!

The Turner Tribe said...

Jules - great post. What a hard, but beautiful experience. My grandpa passed away a few days before Christmas. It made for a difficult holiday season, but for once I was so grateful to be living in Utah. I got to take him dinner off and on while he was getting chemo and Tennille would drive him to treatments. I'm glad you got to spend time with before he died. Those times make the best memories. And what a voice Bella has. I'm very impressed, but not surprised with parents like you and Sam.

henryteachers said...

What a great tribute to your grandfather! I'm sorry he passed away. That is so sweet your daughter sang. My computer kept shutting down when I tried to play her song, is there another way to hear it?