Friday, June 22, 2007

My Blind Melon Bee

Back in college we would always dress up for Halloween. One year we were a random sports team. Don't even ask me what sport--maybe basketball? We would hit parties at Seven Peaks and Golds Gym (Powerhouse then) and dance the night away. Yes, we wore short shorts (the ones I'm wearing are from 7th grade), but man, you should have seen what some girls were wearing. I'm talking colored saran wrap and duct tape. See, at BYU where there is a dress code, Halloween is an excuse for girls to dress up as hoochies. One year, my friend Hickman dressed up as the Blind Melon Bee. It was awesome. I think she might have even won a contest.

B. had her ballet and tap performance on Saturday. Her costume was $48 (uh, yeah, S., did I tell you that?). I'm pretty sure my friend put her costume together for under $5. I think they look very similar.

B. had a great time at her performance and even got most of the steps right. She looked like she was having the best time up on the stage.


Carrie said...

What fun! B looks so sweet!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, I love that picture of us. So much fun. I miss college and the strange stuff we did, but I do not miss studying until the wee hours. It's a trade-off. So, guess what- I'll be in DC the week of the 4th of July, visiting Bob (internship). Wanna play?

amy said...

Oh that's fun stuff right there! I haven't seen those pictures in years! I think you can't pull together a more enthusiastic and fun group as we were. Those were some good times at Taylor Hall and Liberty Square. Did you guys notice that Sons of Provo had scenes filmed in a Liberty Square apartment? Just like those pictures. I was very proud. Julie, I really liked the way you wrote your blog -- great humor and choice of words! I especially enjoyed the way you mentioned me and my costume after your explanation of "hoochies"! :) Well, my $5 costume did include old lady undies (the black briefs. Oh yes, undies.) Julie, thanks for giving me a really good laugh and brightening my day! Love you all!

Amanda said...

Love the Blind Melon costume. Amazing. As for your costume, a little scandalous on the shorts. Yikes!