Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Wow, a lot of things have been going on, but I am going to start with one of the most important--MY BABY IS TWO! The Little Man turned 2 on Wednesday and we had a relaxed celebration (with another one with cousins in a week) with his two sets of Grandparents. It's so nice when you can decide what they do for their birthday. Okay, well, I THOUGHT I could decide, but the man of few words was INSISTENT on an Elmo birthday cake (as he is that he is going to be Elmo for Halloween. How does he even KNOW about this stuff?!?!?!). His wish came true, as did his wishes he didn't even know he had--he got a basketball hoop. He's got skills.

This Little Man can seriously crack us up. I just want to squeeze him and stick him in my pocket, but due to his size (he weighs as much as his sister that is over 2 years older than him) I can't. Now that his is officially over his screaming stage (my apologies to all those who beheld that), he is so cute. Here are some things I love about him:

1. His LONG eyelashes and big eyes.
2. His word for Okay, "Duh."
3. His excellent t-ball skills (he bends his legs and actually takes a step when hitting the ball--before he was even 2).
4. How he puts on his shoes by himself and has since he was 17 months old (so, their crocs, but still it makes my day easier).
5. How he SLEEPS! He is a dream. We read books, read scriptures, pray, and when I sometimes TRY to just hold him and rock him he says, "Night, night" and points to his crib. I consent and put him in and he doesn't make a peep.
6. How he says, "money"--"num-uh-num"
7. How he listens and obeys---seriously.
8. How he sings (and laughs when Elmo laughs, or say "Ahem" when one of the characters does) to Elmo and the Orchestra, and always requests it first thing in the car.
9. His silly laugh when he's with Boo, how he just LOVES her.
10. How he is just so HAPPY, kind and fun!

He is going to be a great BIG brother! We love watching him grow and learn new things. We are so glad he is part of our family.


Amanda said...

Wow he looks so old in that first picture! I too love Luke. Our kids are going to have a lot to live up to!

Tennille said...

He sounds like such a sweet boy!

Carrie said...

Can you believe how fast time flies? Your baby is going to be a big brother soon! He is a cutie. Isn't it funny how some kids really express themselves early on? I do they know what they really want?

Haley said...

He looks exactly the same, just older. Do you think he can teach Trevor how to sleep? I wish that he would just lay down and peacefully go to bed! We are having major struggles with that right now. Happy Birthday Luke!

Tracie said...

Maddie is going to be Elmo, too:) I will blog mine if you blog yours:)

Steve and Jaclyn said...

Your blog is so cute and I love the title! The Elmo cake is very creative. I think that this is a great way to keep in touch and only have to tell the story once! I look forward to checking in once and a while. It was great to see you at Alicia's house.