Friday, October 5, 2007

3 Decades Old

It's official. I am 3 decades old. No longer will I say my age in years--What? How old am I? I am three decades. This is a milestone than many of my friends and siblings have already reached, so it doesn't feel like a big deal. Besides, 30 is the new 20, and life is GOOD. Here are a couple pictures from my past three decades, and a few moments.

Ages 1-10: Florida--(no, I was not born here, but I don't remember anything from my birthplace, Belgium, and we left when I was 3! I hope Boo remembers her good friends in Charlottesville!), snakes under our swing set, our "yellow brick road" of dandelions in our backyard in Ohio and how they ruined my favorite Cabbage Patch Kid outfit.

Ages 11-20: Walking 25 miles in white KEDS when I was 12, Girls' Camp, silly card games with "kings" (who knew I would marry one of my "kings?"), Oakton Stake youth conferences and dances, silliness, crushes, being wild and crazy, getting my license, tping, swimming in the resevior, singing at Disney World.

Ages 21-30: Craziness at BYU, London and graduation, marrying the man of my dreams in 2000, Mexico--teaching, living right behind Cartier and Louis Vuitton, 1st child, 2nd child, fabulous friends in Charlottesville, "real life" in D.C and loving it.

I can't wait to see what the next 3 decades hold!


Sam said...


You are old! Eternity will be a joy.


Tennille said...

Where did you dig up that gem of a beach picture? :)

Carrie said...

How did you EVER decide on the pics? Yea 30! I forgot to ask if there was a big shin-dig! Hope it was better than mine when I was sick!

Tracie said...

Oh Julie, I think you will forever be around 21 at heart...and that is why I, you children, and your husband will always love you:)

nessa said...

yeah! happy birthday! and you're right, 30 IS the new 20, live it up!

SKISLN said...

Late post, I know (but since I never post, maybe it's a treat anyway) -- but happy birthday!! Welcome to the club.
Have a happy --