Friday, July 6, 2007

What a week

This week has been PACKED!!

Monday: Frying Pan Park with the Turner Tribe (Brooke was one of my best friends in high school--we first met when we were 12. I went on a 25 mile high with my church. I was walking with my mom, sister and brother, but they were too slow, so I pulled ahead. My father was manning one of the check points and when he realized I was walking alone he sent me with some other girls--Brooke was one of them along with her sister, Tennille and friend, Melinda. We walked the whole 25 miles, coming up with new "walks" ending with a few tears in the group. But, through that experience we are friends for life).

Tuesday: Free movie at Regal Cinemas with sis. Jeannie and cousins. Lunch with Gma and Pa Atk., party at church, dessert and reminiscing at our house with my old roommate, Sarah and hubby, Bob, and friends Tania and Ryan (we all met each other our freshman year of college--Tania and Ryan got married).

Wednesday: Breakfast with extended Atk-fam in the morning, BBQ at friends' house in the afternoon, followed by awesome fireworks there.

Thursday: American Indian Museum with roommate, Sarah. Lunch in their awesome cafeteria with Sarah, Tania and Ryan. Seminary meeting that night for new teachers (That's right. We are crazy. Sam and I are the new Seminary teachers at church).

Friday: Recover. Kids go to a friend's house while I run errands. Clean. Sam goes to Nationals game with friends (he deserves it after working while we've been playing this week!)

The week is not even over!! We have a birthday party for a friend tomorrow!


Carrie said...

What a fun week! Sad I wasn't around when the Turner Tribe was in town! What's up with their blog that no one has ever posted to? Gotta get them going!

John said...

Jules....whew....take a breath, girlie:) You must have an amazing reserve of energy! And may I ask why you look even better than you did in college? So cool to see Tania and Sarah on your blog. I miss them:)

Amanda said...

Um, I thought my 4 mile hike was enough. You always gotta out-do me! Just kidding. P.S. I'm sending your friends and fam coupon. Expect the special postcard in the mail sometime!

nessa said...

sounds crazy, and new seminary teachers!!! wow, that is really going to keep you guys busy, but you will be great!