Sunday, July 22, 2007

I am a winner.

I never win anything. I'm not talking board games, because I am master at them, well, except for Boggle with the in-laws. If you want to feel good about yourselves don't EVER play Boggle with the Mud crew. It will just bring down your self-esteem when you get zero or one point (if you're lucky) time after time. I'm talking raffles, giveaways, guessing games. For almost 30 years of life I can remember winning three events like these. 1) When I was eleven years old at a church halloween party (I was bacon and eggs that year) I guessed the number of candy in one of those plastic pumpkins. 2) At my senior all night grad party my friends kept winning things throughout the night--cameras, phones...I felt robbed. Then they had us all gather in one room while they pulled some more names for the bigger prizes. At 5:00am I finally won my prize--a 19-inch T.V. Now think back 11 years...that was AWESOME! That T.V. served me well, and my brother, Craig and his wife, my roommates and I, S. and I, and even S.'s brother, Jesse at Princeton this past year. It's in fine working order, you just need the remote to turn it on because Boo broke the power button when she was 2. And I would not recommend watching a movie with subtitles on it. We just got a "new" T.V. in September (gotta love Craig's list). Once again we can enjoy foreign films. 3) At the American School Foundation in Mexico City I was at a teachers' meeting and guessed the number of candy corn in the bowl.

Well, I haven't won anything since 2001, so it was high time I won something. Well, I did. Two things to be exact. There are a bunch of blogs who have giveaways, and I have recently won two of those giveaways by pure luck of the draw. 1) From the Momblogs. A place I happened upon and visited once. I won the DVD of Because I said So (I'm still waiting for it, though). and 2) Mod Mom's giveaway of the diaper/laptop bag. She has tons of giveaways of cool stuff. Wasting time on the internet has paid off.


Carrie said...

Okay! No way! I'm a better loser than you! I don't remember winning anything, ever! 3 years ago, at Scott's work Christmas party, I was supposed to get the Table centerpiece which was gorgeous that year, with a fantastic glass bowl I could have used again and again...I got it because my birthday was closest to the event...nevertheless, I forgot it at the end of the evening! The only thing I'd ever won and I just left it! A TV is pretty great prize! I've seen some of these giveaways..and left a comment for R.M. for the Woodhouse Chocolates, and somehow I thought I had a chance...but no. Is that movie any good?

TWilton said...

The only thing I ever won, was something for my Ma. Get this...$500 Bose speakers. I was the cute little girl in the room who was asked to draw, and apparently looked innocent enough to not be biased in any way possible. But you see, my family had filled out at least 100 entries, and on my hand's way in to the mountain o folded whites paper, I prayed and prayed and prayed that someone in my family would win. Biased? Perhaps so. Anyways, my mama won, and we were so exquisitely happy, an emotional state which was only slightly blackened when the lady standing next to us accused my family of cheating. Of course! Somehow I had used my 8 year old brain to rummage through 2500 pieces of folded white paper, until my hand distinctly felt the name Charles, and immediately went dead cold. She was too smart for the likes of me:) Anyways, congrats on your wins, Jules. Call me when you win the trip to Italy.

Amanda said...

I won a popcorn maker when I was about 8 at a High School cheerleading pep-rally. I haven't won anything since. You should pass some of your luck onto me... I'd love it!

Christi said...

Hey Julie - this is totally unrelated to your blog, but I just heard Sam's message on our answering machine about you two going to Puerto Rico. I don't know if anyone ever called back. Still the plan? ETD?

Anyway, we LOVED it. We stayed in the Marriott on my dad's "frequent stayer" points, so that was nice. You'll definitely need to rent a car. The best bet is to pick up a copy of the Lonely Planet at the library and skim through to see what sounds most interesting to you. We would DEFINITELY recommend going out to Culebra - what a picturesque place!!!

If you have any specific questions, email me at Also, you can look at the pics from our trip (sorry, they're not really that interesting) at

Have fun!

Christi said...

PS - Cory and Dave reminded me that you should also go to the bioluminescent bay, if you've never done something like that before either near Fajardo on the East Coast of PR or off the Isla de Vieques. Good beginners' surfing can be found at Isabela on the Northwest (plus some sentimental value for you guys!) and you can watch more professional surfers further west at Rincon. The rainforest was nice but we didn't spend enough time to be able to really say if it was worth it or not - I guess at least a good change in scenery if you're getting bored of the beach (ha ha!).