Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fairyland Party

Boo finally had her b-day party with friends (almost a month after her real b-day)! It was a "really fun celebration" (quote by the b-day girl herself). How did we spend our fairyland time?

Decorated the house like fairyland.

Treasure hunt of Fairy and elves' favorite things: feathers, flowers, magic pebbles, shells to earn our wings.

Decorated our cookie wands.

Danced a fairy dance to the Nutcraker.

Played Fairy Freeze game.

Played Musical Flowers.

Read Peter Pan.

Ate fruit wands, star pizzas, and drank fairy punch (raspberry lemonade with edible flowers), and fairy cake.

Opened presents.

Exited into a sea of bubbles (leaving a little bit of chaos).

Boo was so cute. When she was going to sleep that evening I told her I was proud of her for playing so nicely (with 11 guests) and not crying or getting upset. She said, "Yeah, nobody cried or was mean!" A party to be remembered. My favorite quote of Boo's was when she was talking to her friend Ben who was one of the first to arrive and said, "You need to be nice to my friend Benjamin who is coming, because he's my best friend." So funny. He is still considered her best friend even though she sees him maybe once a month.

Now the question is: Do I do the idea where you only have parties for your kids every four years (the big ones--8, 12, 16)? We'll see. We had a lot of fun. I might miss it!


Sam said...

Love that picture of everyone dancing. Great work on the party, Jules.

Carrie said...

How fun! I love the decorations! I'm thinking Grandma A came in handy for that part after all the weddings she's helped put together. Good job, now I'm a slacker. Poor Ryan. He got jipped...however you spell that.

nessa said...

wow, what a great party! It looks like all of the kids had lots of fun, i love the picture of them cute!
I'm so glad you posted your schedule of events...Gracie's party is in less than two weeks and i can't really come up with much, but i showed her the pictures and she loved it,,,,,so we just might steal your idea and do a fairy party, too! I might have to email you with more questions about the details!

Anonymous said...

no no no she HAS to have a party every year I want her p-ssy