Thursday, December 6, 2007


Ahh, the first snow. I don't think I have appreciated snow this much since 1996. I got up at 5am this morning to check if there was a delay, and SUCCESS!! A two hour delay=no seminary!! I feel like a high schooler again and finding the joy in no school.

S. came home early yesterday to take the kids sledding. They bundled up and had a great time while I made dinner and some hot chocolate. I remember back in college S. came and knocked on my window and woke me up with the first snow. He had walked all the way to my house in the snow just to let me in on the excitement. Glad to see not much has changed.

P.S. Happy St. Nick Day!!


Tennille said...

Oh, the days of snow delays and cancellations. Wish Utah did stuff like that... :)

Carrie said...

Wahoo for you! That is one my saddest points on not living there anymore! My kids won't ever know the joy! Poor Utah kids...though people blame Virginians as being wimpy about the snow...let us tell you, the snow is different and more icy so a bit more dangerous. Congratulations!!!!!!

Tracie said... your kids don't even look like cousins let alone brother and sister...but they are so SO beautiful....I may be biased...but I really do think they would have mass appeal. I prayed for ugly children, or at least ugly teenagers...the verdict's still out on the teenage stage...but they are beautiful children (and I am very biased on that account.)

nessa said...

i don't even know how you guys get up for seminary. i would be the world's worst seminary teacher because i would never show up for class. congrats on the break for one day. and i would also like to add that your children really are beautiful kids. jared has seen them in person and tells me that boo is even more pretty in person!

henryteachers said...

You're amazing to be pregnant and be able to get up and teach seminary. Isn't it so fun for the kids to go out in the snow. Except every time my daughter comes in from it, she wants hot chocolate and here that seems to be all too often. Sure miss those no school snow days of Virginia!