Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane...

No, it's BUNNY-BOY! The little man will run around like this and yell, "Bunny-boy!" Sometimes I even become "Bunny-mom." Sorry, no picture for that one.

Bunny-boy's special powers:

X-ray vision (those eyes have to do something!)
Super-fast running (he goes around and around our dining room table)
Can make a huge mess in less than 1 minute
Can clean up a whole basement in less than 10 minutes when bribed with Little Einsteins
Can spill his drink 5 times during 1 meal
Can tackle his sister in 2 seconds (it helps that he is only 1 pound lighter than her)
Can make you laugh at his antics all day
Can give the best hugs


Lisa said...

Hey Julie!
I love your blog and flog! Are you Martha Stewart's apprentice? Love the delicious dishes. Your kids are darling and congrats on your impending arrival--do you know if it's a boy or girl? We are on boy #3 in a few weeks. Well, keep checking in and I'll do the same. It's so fun to see how you are doing now that we are "3 Decades old" :)

Maggie said...

it was really good to see you guys too. i thought it was pretty funny that vanni had to say hi to you guys as you were going in to church. "hi, people!" he says the funniest things sometimes. you have a beautiful family, glad everyone is doing well. :)

Sydney said...

Hey it was so fun to sit behind you guys at the visitor center tonight! Luke is such a comedian! I almost watched him more than Nathan! haha.

Tracie said...

Ok, our little boys could have such a rockin good time:)