Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rocking New Year's Eve

The original A-team
2008+2 = my mom doesn't throw things away too often!
Welcome 2010!!

We had our annual New Year's Eve bash at (my bro) Craig and Jodi's. The theme this year was American because Craig, being the kid that he is bought a cotton candy machine. Seriously. An industrial-size one. It is awesome. Maybe someday I will buy one because I LOVE cotton candy.

Here's the menu:
Homemade Root Beer
Hot Dogs, Brats
Corn Dogs
Hot fudge Sundaes (and homemade caramel, reeses pieces, and bananas)
Jackie's b-day cake
Funnel cake that never got cooked because we were too full.

Craig working his magic
All the kids got their very own!! What a dream!

It was a fun evening with Beatles Rock Band, talking, playing, food and the countdown to midnight with balloons falling from the sky (okay, ceiling).

Last year we set New Year's resolutions as a family. Our kids all accomplished theirs, but Sam and I were lacking (mine--learn to sew and improve my Spanish--umm, I sewed Boo's Halloween costume, does that count?).

Here are some new goals. Maybe if I post them I'll actually follow through:

Sew 3 things--including a dress
Exercise 3 times a week (seriously. I am only 6 months prego and I've gained 25 pounds. Awesome).

I of course have a long list of goals in different categories--Health, Spiritual, Relationships, but these are on the family goal list.


Jami Taylor said...

Jules: I have the exact same resolutions on my list! You are awesome.

Carrie said...

what fun to see the A clan all together! Those New Years parties look fun! pst....2008 + 2 :)

Lisa Fox said...

oh my gosh, I wanna go to your new years party next year, that menu is awesome...and the cotton candy...SO AWESOME!!! I'm with you on the goals...and don't even talk about baby weight so not a happy thought! :) We miss you guys, we need to get together!