Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat Smell My

Happy Halloween!! We've had lots of events this Halloween season (that's right, it's not just a day, it's a WHOLE SEASON)! Starting with an adult-only Halloween party, 2 parades, 1 school party, 1 school function cancelled because of too many sick kids at the school (sick with what, you ask? H1N1 and other flu-fun), 1 church Trunk-or-Treat, 1 trip to Elevation Burger in costume to get free milkshakes, and one night of Trick-or-Treating + Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. Here are some pictures to prove it all.

S and I decided to be Mary Poppins and Bert instead of JFK and Marilyn or Jackie O so the kids would know who we were.

The kids? Star Wars. Why? Because they are OBSESSED with Star Wars Wii. It's going to kill me. At least we have a 30 minute a day limit (plus none on Sunday). Hopefully that will keep me out of the funny farm. S. dressed up as Darth Vadar for Little Man's b-day (I'll eventually post pictures of that) and I was Leia, but we liked our Mary Poppins and Bert better.

The costume low-down: I love saving moolah on costumes!

Mary Poppins: total cost $3.75 for flowers and berries on hat + black spray paint. Had shirt, skirt, ribbon for bow tie, used my 101-year-old gma's hat and spray painted it and glued flowers and berries. I had S.'s g-ma's white gloves and the parrot umbrella from Mary Poppin's on Broadway that was my sister's (this isn't pictured).

Bert: Total cost: $2.
Had jacket, shirt, pants, boots. Spray painted wooden bar we had around the house and cut cardboard for the chimney sweeper. Bought face paint and red material for scarf. Used my dad's hat.

Princess Leia: Total cost $1.49. Made the dress from an old kitchen curtain that had shrunk in the wash. Used no pattern. Found belt at a second-hand store. Used her real hair.

Luke Skywalker: Total cost $0. My mom made his vest for his birthday party a month ago (Carrie--I got the idea from you!). Had pants, shoes and light saber.

Yoda: $0 Borrowed hat and jacket from a friend. Had green face paint.

And there you have it! You can do Halloween for 5 people under $10!

Little Man's school parade

A picture with all the cousins after piano lessons.

Mary, Bert and the Star Wars gang.

After our Adult-only Halloween party. I think this might be a tradition! I'll do a separate post on this--oooh, maybe even on the FLOG that hasn't been touched in over a year!


Carrie said...

So fun!!! Isn't Halloween such fun! I'm so not into scary Halloween, but the fun pretending stuff is great!
I bet your adult party was great! Love your costume creativeness! I'm so excited to see pictures of Luke's party!!! Did you find a vader costume for Sam? I totally struck out on one...our was pretty lame:(
Yay for Blog updates! Keep it up:)

Amanda said...

We may have rocked out our pumpkins this year, but we can't touch your family and the costumes you create. Let's just call it a tie... ok?!?

Marinda said...

I'm super impressed with your resourcefulness. You guys look great!

Lisa said...

It must be said.


(Yes, I was singing the song in my head as I spelled)

Carrie said...

i didn't even say how awesome your leia dress turned out!!! GREAT JOB! and getting to use her own hair! Perfect!

Jami Taylor said...

Jules: You make the perfect Mary Poppins! Awesome costume.