Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Remember and Respect

We started a new tradition in our home this year. I got the idea from Nie Nie. Every year she has a special Back-to-School dinner for her kids. They have a theme for the year. I think it is a wonderful idea and helps the kids get excited for school.

Our theme this year is "Remember and Respect." I wanted to emphasize the fact that they need to remember what WE have taught in our home. That we might make different choices than our friends. That we have different rules and expectations. I also wanted them to remember to respect their classmates and teachers and themselves.

We invited all the cousins (and Grandparents on both sides and aunts and uncles). We had apples as our centerpieces, we had a big poster with the theme that they helped decorate and hats with the theme and their names. We ate dinner, had the grown-ups tell stories from their school days and talked about the theme. We all ate at one long table. No "kids' table" for this party. Even though it was a little crazy with 11 kids I think they still got some good out of it.

After dinner (Indian Food--homemade, of course!)--we had a fashion show with some of their new outfits, and then dessert--A rice krispie treat school bus and some chocolate cream puffs and coconut-creme cream puffs. We decided to do the party that morning so Aunt Mary and Uncle Mike could come, too, so there aren't many pictures since I was running around doing things. But the table looked really cute!


Tracie said...

OK, you are literally the martha stewart of motherhood. Can you transplant your brain into mine?!?!

Carrie said...

I totally wanted to do the Back to School dinner and yearly theme too! Such a great idea! Great tradition! That last picture of little man is adorable! Your theme is great:) We talk about that stuff in our house a lot...remembering you are a MOTLEY and we don't do or say the same things as others...etc...SEan's been known to tell his SUnbeam teachers on more than one occasions.......such and such..because I'm a Motley.

Can't wait to see you! I don't get there until Saturday now...the airline cancelled our original flight:(

Lisa Fox said...

I so agree with your friend Tracie, you indeed are the mother of Martha Stewart. I love learning new things from you. You inspire me in so many ways, thankfully all good. Thank you for being in my life and being such a wonderful friend!

Sydney said...

What an awesome idea! I'm sure I'll see you guys soon :)