Friday, June 6, 2008

Go away, need sleepy

Didn't Chris Farley put that nicely?  When I was a freshman in college my roommate, Tammi and I would hang a sign on our door when we were napping that said, "Go away, need sleepy." The neighbors of our dorm room, Sarah and Chelsea hated it.  They'd come to knock only to find the 1 1/2 foot by 1 1/2 foot sign hanging.   

We're tired around here.  Everyday, somewhere between the hours of 1 and 4pm, you will find four sleeping bodies (sometimes 5 on Sunday).  If we don't get our naps we are 1) Grumpy, 2) Can't go in public for the rest of the day because of our grumpiness, and 3) We will probably fall asleep somewhere if given the chance--or not.  

My kids RARELY fall asleep anywhere besides their car seat or their bed from about the time they are 4 months old.  I can count on one hand the times they have fallen asleep other places. Two of those five have happened to Little Man in the last month.  

The first was after a friend had her daughter's b-day party at our house.  The kids didn't get a nap because by the time things were cleaned up and everyone left it was too late.  Little Man fell asleep on the floor.  

The second was yesterday.  The kids played in their room instead of taking a nap.  Occasionally they will play for a while, but I will usually end it after about 10 minutes if they haven't already fallen asleep.  Yesterday I was on the search for the keys to our firebox (The little man had moved them) so I could get Boo's birth certificate to sign her up for Kindergarten and I didn't take a nap myself, so I didn't enforce.  After I FINALLY found the keys and they had been playing for the length of their naps (2 hours) they wanted a snack.  Here is Little Man with a full tummy of peanut butter, apples, and crackers.  He just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.  Boo and I were cracking up at him and he didn't like it, but he still succumbed.  I ended up letting them run in the sprinkler BEFORE cleaning their room so he would wake up (that is why he has no shirt on.  They had changed into their bathing suits and were supposed to clean their rooms first).  He did, and he had a major breakdown at dinner because he was so tired.  So, no matter how crazy my friends think I am that my 2 1/2 year-old and almost 5 year-old take naps--they need it.  So if you happen to call between 1 and 4, leave a message, because we're home, but nobody is awake.    


Jennifer said...

Naps are the best. I was sooo sad when my oldest (who is almost six) stopped taking naps shortly after he turned 3. The other two still take naps (they are 2 and 3) and I make the oldest have "quiet time" so I can take my nap.

(Hi, by the way. I don't know if you remember me- I grew up in the Oakton Stake, as well.)

Lisa said...

Yes, I am the nap-nazi in our home as well. Baby and 2-year old still nap of course. My 4-year old is basically done napping, though I think he still needs it. But we are the same--the time between 1-4pm is sacred "quiet time".

I was just wanting to add your Candy Cane Chocolate Cookies to our family cookbook. I was reviewing it and noticed that it called for both butter and margarine. Is that right? Just wanted to make sure.

Jodi said...

If you can get your 5 year old to nap and still go to bed at a reasonable time--more power to you. If you can squeeze a nap in yourself, even more power to you. Only Cooper takes regular naps around here and with the schedule of his siblings, even those aren't as regular as they should be. Enjoy it while it lasts!!:)

Tammi said...

Oh, YES! I miss those days...Why were we always sooooo tired? We didn't have to even THINK about anyone but ourselves! It STILL makes me laugh how Chels and Sarah would be mad when we put that sign up! Ya think my kids will go for just a sign on my door? I miss you and Chels and Sarah...and naps...

Karena said...

I hear ya on that one. I'm the only mom around here that still gives her 4 year old a nap. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. Very sacred time indeed and much needed for everyone!