Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2 months and counting

Time is flying.  Nay is already 2 months old.  She really reminds me of her big sis.  

All of our kids have had freakishly strong necks from the time they were born.  Nay rolled over (front to back) a couple weeks ago.  Maybe it's just their big heads that help them tip over.  Here is a picture of her just before she rolled.  And then a pic of the ladies.  

I'm loving the smiles, coos and squeals of delight. Now just give me some sleep!


Carrie said...

Oh sweetie pie! That is one of my favorite poses. Tummy and lifting head up. It's so cute! She IS so reminiscent of big sis. My little guy is also reminiscent of his oldest bro.

Crazy that she's already 2 mo! Funny about the necks...never realized. Maybe there's some leverage in those necks...I forget when all those things start happening! Yay for new camera!!!

Amanda said...

It's uncanny how much she looks like Bella! And seriously, she's so petite looking, but what a strong little girl!! I can't believe she's already 2 months old... I can't wait for her to met her cousin!!!

Tracie said...

OK, OK. This girl is too cute. For some reason, I see more Sam in her than you, Jules. But maybe that will change. Either way, she wins out, considering the fact that both of you are fabulously handsome.

nessa said...

what a little cutie! and she definitely looks like her big sis... your children are so gorgeous!