Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blessing Day and Easter

Our camera has been sporadic in functioning, so I relied on my sister for some pictures of Flaca's blessing.  She was blessed during our 9:00am church, and EVERYONE (three of my siblings + spouses+kids, 1 of Sam's siblings + spouse + friend, both sets of g-parents, Great G-ma, Uncle P., Cousin K.) made it on time (Well, family was.  A friend+daughter were a little late).   It was a beautiful blessing and she didn't even cry.  We pulled a "Utah" (no offense, Utah friends) and skipped out after Sacrament meeting (hey, Ben and Amanda had to drive back up to NY) and everyone came to our house for brunch. After naps we headed to my parents' house for Easter Dinner (the third picture is the same day there).
We don't have pictures of the kids finding their Easter baskets because they found them just before we headed to church early to save seats for everyone.   S. started a great tradition where he hid the baskets and left a note for the kids about where the basket was with a hint incorporating Jesus.  

P.S. Thank you Easter Bunny for my Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii.  


Carrie said...

Yay! How fun! There is beauty all around:) Flaca and the yellow coat! She's so little:) On our baby's blessing day, he'll be almost 2 months he'll be huge! He's probably going to be huge at birth too, I just know it! Don't you just love blessing days? Something about the little baby dressed up in white, just love it! And I'm impressed she didn't cry. I'm got to plan better this time. Sean cried a bunch so his blessing got cut pretty short. Okay, back to Flaca? Explain? And back to...I LOVE YOUR YELLOW COAT! And the dress underneath looks equally beautiful!

nessa said...

sounds like the blessing went well! you guys look great in your easter picture, too!