Saturday, February 5, 2011


Seriously? I haven't posted since November? The only thing that helps me feel better is the fact that some of my friends haven't updated theirs either.

Our last few months have been a blur...I'll try and catch up soon!

Here's Lena on Christmas morning. I love this picture (taken by Mr. Mud). Isn't this the life of the youngest? Her siblings unwrapping her gifts and she just sits there.


Carrie said...

Ha! That is so true! Did he get that on purpose or accident? Either way, pretty genious! She looks so cute...i want more of her ~ lots lots more!

Tina said...

I totally know that feeling.. a big blur. Hope that all is well and your family is ever so beautiful!

Jodi said...

Me too Julie! Love that Lena and her cute cheeks!!

Amanda said...

Yeah, it's been a while! I got excited to see an update. Now you need more since you have a new fancy camera, and cute little subjects to take pictures of. If anything, I stay on top of blogging because my parents will nag me otherwise.