Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Over the past couple months I've hosted two showers for two individuals that I really admire. One was about to have her second child, a boy to go perfectly with her sweet little girl. The other? She married my awesome brother-in-law, Jacob. And she is just as awesome. We are so excited to have her in the family. I wanted to document the parties so I can remember for future showers (and maybe you can use some of the ideas).

Shower #1: Baby Boy Shower--"Blue Skies"

Helium-filled blue balloons w/ stars
Tealight candles
White tablecloths/blue napkins
White and blue serving dishes

Rice Spring Rolls w/ peanut and sweet and sour dips (provided by Kristen)
Coconut Chicken Skewers (and plain for those who didn't like coconut)
Mango Salsa
Green Beans with Garlic
Edible Flowers (provided by Kristen)
Chocolate Mousse (provided by Kristen)
Berry Tarts (Provided by Wendy)
Mint Limeade
Raspberry Lemonade with Fresh Raspberries

Guess the sex of the baby in the picture
Baby Memory Tray

Shower #2--Bridal Shower--"Birds of a Feather"

White, White, White
White Origami Cranes hanging from the ceiling (provided by Michael, age 8, and groom and anyone else around who knew how).
White Orchid

Vegetarian Eggrolls
Chinese Salad (with Chicken on the side, b/c the bride-to-be is a vegetarian) (made by the amazing Reb)
Fresh fruit (provided by Mom Mud)
Peanut Noodles with Peppers, Carrots, Snowpeas
Flourless Chocolate Cake
Lemon Curd Creme-filled Cream Puffs

Ask the groom questions beforehand on video and compare answers with bride.

Just wanted to say I couldn't have done this shower without Rebecca!

After looking at the pictures I realize I need a good camera. These don't even give it justice. Hmmm, I have a birthday coming up...


Marinda said...

Your parties are always so beautiful! Good job.

Alicia said...

You always were good at playing hostess. It all looks beautiful! And it was great seeing you in October...even if only for a little while. :)