Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fall Fun

Seeing as it snowed here, I figured I better post these pictures from our Fall fun. S. played hooky from work and his bro, Jesse joined us for our yearly Cox Farm trip. We met up with the A cousins and had a fun time on the slides, corn maze, hayride and of course eating kettle corn.


Tracie said...

A kid's dream...then again, so is growing up as a Atkinson/Mudrick, I suppose. Tell me, Jules, are you on your way to becoming the Von Trap family?

PS....You make a simply ravishing prego, darling...ravishing. Must be in the water, cause I know I didn't drink the same stuff with my two kiddos:)

Sam said...

Maybe is should be called the Corn Maize or the Maize Maze.