Monday, June 22, 2009

King's Dominion

He stopped at all the red lights and stop signs. He is a TOTAL "car seat driver" (S. coined that phrase) now. He always tells me to "change lanes" and "go." Takes after his mom's backseat driving.

On the Ferris Wheel--Gma/pa, Uncle Jacob and Joshua

Crazy picture with the iphone.

"Look, Ma, no hands!!"

Look at all those Muds!

We had a fabulous time at King's Dominion for Mormon Day. Boo is a fan of roller coasters, Little Man went for the car rides. Extended family made it a memorable day (and of course we closed the park--10:00pm, baby!)


Amanda said...

Bummer we didn't go down this year for Mormon Day. Maybe next year... then again, probably not. But yes, we will be down in August for Jesse's homecoming. I too can't wait to see Ethan with his cousins. Hopefully he will have mastered walking by then. Fingers crossed.

Carrie said...

Mormon Day at Kings Dominion! How fun! Love that Boo enjoys the roller coasters! The iphone picture is hilarious...was it supposed to do that?
Looks like there's so much more there than I remember! What is that one they are on from the iphone picture?
and looks like a great kids area!

Lisa said...

Awww...I remember those days! Was that really almost 20 years ago???