Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The City That Never Sleeps

I was once told that you should leave your husband every year: overnight, with the kids. Just so he knows what you do. Well, I have finally done it, and he passed with flying colors. I don't think they even missed me. Granted, I did take boo, so he only had 2 kids. Boo and I rode the bus with Auntie M, Auntie J., Grandma A, and Cousin E and graced the city with our presence. We walked forever and my 5 year-old NEVER complained! She was born for the city.

Some highlights:
Afternoon tea at the American Girl Cafe (and Boo got an American Girl Doll--YOWSERS $$$)
Rockefeller Center
Mary Poppins on Broadway
NY Pizza
NY Public Library
Ann's Bakery--yum.

Can't wait until the next time!! And a special thanks to Adri, Mom Mud and my hot husband for watching the younger two so we could go!! Happy Mother's Day to me!


Carrie said...

CUte, Cute Cute, Fun Fun FUn! Love you ALL! So fun to see all those faces! What lucky girls! I haven't been to the City in WAY too long! Can't wait to see you all:)

Amanda said...

How fun! I've been wondering when it's ok to leave a toddler behind for a weekend, though I think I'd like to take Ben with me if we went somewhere without Ethan. Now all I need to do is find someone to take the little guy. How about I come with you the next time... deal?

Lisa said...

Oh! This gets me so, so excited! Thanks for some tips. We are getting our agenda in order and I can't wait. Of course, photos will be forthcoming, so stay tuned! PS--That little Boo is such a "doll" herself.

Marinda said...

What an awesome trip! And what a fun idea for Bella to go with you!