Friday, January 30, 2009

Things I love

about the Birthday Boy (in no particular order):

32.  His Princess I. and Prince L. stories
31.  His compassion
30.  His humor
29.  His wink
28.  His chocolate eyes
27.  His singing voice
26.  His guitar skills
25.  His CRAZY laugh
24.  How he yells at the t.v. during a Wizards/Redskins/D.C. United game
23.  How he will give someone his tie right off his neck 
22.  His intelligence
21.  His love of other cultures and travel
20.  His hard work in his career 
19.  How he is a connoisseur of fine sodas (Jones or Orangina anyone?)
18.  The way he honors his Priesthood
17.  The way he is friends with ALL the staff at his job (in the lunchroom, janitors...)
16.  His taste for fine foods
15.  How he looks good on my arm (my trophy husband)
14.  His knowledge about current events
13.  How he will let me have the remote (okay, sometimes)
12.  How he brings out talents in me
11.  How he wants to get Nay out of her crib when she wakes up
10.  His sexy Spanish voice
9.  How he gets after the kids if they talk rudely to me
8.  His calves and biceps (seriously, like 5x's the size of mine)
7.  That he beats me in Dance, Dance Revolution EVERY time (well, I love to hate it)
6.  That he loves me even with my imperfections
5.  How he loves his family, my family and respects his parents
4.  How he doesn't care if the house is a mess
3.  How he gets me Pain le Quotidien croissants or flowers for no reason
2.  How he builds forts and "jumping things" with the kids
1.  That he chose me for eternity


Tracie said...

OK...Me likey. What a treat. Jules, you are a winner, but you also got one. Lucky girl:)

Carrie said...

cute post! Winkers are always great people. Fun to read.

Carrie said...

p.s. We've been thinking of Little man since we just introduced Star Wars to our kids...Episodes 4 5 and 6 (the old ones) often does Sam say the famous line to his son?

Carrie said...


Dad M said...

Beautiful post, Julie. Thanks to you and Sam for who you both are.

Marinda said...

Happy Birthday Sam!

Tammi said...

HAppy Birthday, Sam! Great list Jules! Not everyone can say their husband has a sexy Spanish voice! Cute...

Jami Taylor said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Jules: Love the "trophy husband" line.

Miss M said...

Thanks for sharing this, Jules. So sweet. I always love hearing good things about good people.