Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The kids were playing while I was getting ready. This is what I discovered. Boo had "done" Little Man's hair, or should I say, Lucia's hair. They had also done bunny, cat, and mommy bunny's hair (fur).

When I was younger we used to dress my brother, Stephen, up in a dress and do his hair. We used to call him Stephanie after the make-over. Thankfully, he has turned out pretty normal--well, that is debatable. He is pretty hilarious, actually. I will note that the only pictures we have of this were from when he was around 2. He is now MUCH taller than me and would probably give me a noogie if I tried anything like that.


Sam said...

Maybe I'm working too much. I should be home playing catch with Little Man.

Carrie said...

Funny things happen while the cat is away:) As for Stephen...he survived Bananas too. He must be a tough guy to tolerate the torture of older sisters and their friends. The banana incident was hilarious and fun. Man, it's been YEARS since I've actually seen him in person!

Miss M said...

With his gorgeous eyes, Little Man could pass for a sweet little girl. :)

I'm going to be around SLC the whole time you're here. It would be fun to get together with Stone and have lunch or grab an ice cream. Let me know -